Menu with Detailed Descriptions


PERI PERI                                                 $3.50

Stalla’s Homemade special “Peri Peri” with Pita Bread or toasted bread – medium and spicy

SPANAKOPITA                                $3.99

Two Greek Spinach pies

HUMMUS                                           $3.49

Homemade hummus with pita bread

SPICY HUMMUS                               $3.99

Homemade hummus with pita bread

DOLMADES                                             $3.99

Stuffed grape leaves


GYRO PLATE                                        $8.99

Grilled lamb/beef gyro slices, tomato, onion and homemade Tzanziki in a warm pita, and a Greek salad

DOLMADES  PLATE                            $9.99

Stuffed grape leaves cooked in rich tomato sauce, served with a Greek salad , tzanziki and pita

PASTITSIO PLATE                                 $9.99

Greek lasagnia served with Greek salad and homemade Tzanziki

GREEK MEZE PLATE                          $9.99

Two spanakopitas (Greek spinach pie), Hummus, Two Dolmades, pita bread  & Greek salad

COMBO PLATE                                      $9.99

Pastitsio ,Two Dolmades, Hummus , Greek Salad & Pita bread

CHICKEN SOUVLAKI   (KEBAB)     $11.99                                                                         BEEF SOUVLAKI   (KEBAB) PLATE   $13.99

Grilled seasoned and marinated tenderloin cubes, or Chicken served with a Greek salad, Hummus,  tzanziki and pita bread




FALAFEL PLATE                             $9.99

FALAFEL PLATE ( Vegetarian)                    

3 Falafel medallions, Hummus, Spanakopita’s and Greek Salad served with a warm pita




COMBO PLATE                                              $9.99

GREEK GYRO PLATE                                       $8.99

MEZE PLATE                                                   $9.99                   


                                                                               FRESH SALADS

 GREEK SALAD Served with pita Bread $7.49

Fresh Romain and iceberg lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, bell peppers, Kalamata olives, Feta cheese, homemade Greek dressing

GREEK SALAD with GRILLED CHICKEN                                       $8.99         or GYRO MEAT or TUNA  or Chicken Salad                                                            served with pita Bread

Fresh Romain and iceberg lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, bell peppers, Kalamata olives, Feta cheese, homemade Greek dressing plus your choice of meat


Fresh romaine lettuce, sliced grilled chicken with homemade croutons and Caesar dressing

CHEF SALAD                               $8.99

Fresh spring mix, turkey and ham, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, bell peppers home made croutons, and  dressing

GREEK VILLAGE SALAD                      $9.99

Tomatoes, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, onion, capers, green pappers & feta, Hummus and pita


*All burgers served with French fries

STALLA’S GREEK BURGER                $8.99


Hamburger with feta, cucumber, tomato, onions, and tzanziki




DAGWOOD BURGER                              $8.99

Beef burger served on Texastoast, bacon, fried egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

CHEESE BURGER                                    $7.99

Hamburger with American cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce & sauce

PERI PERI BURGER                                $8.99

Beef burger in our homemade “Peri Peri” sauce

STALLA’S BBQ BURGER                                $8.99

Beef burger served on Texas toast,  Ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion, pickles, & BBQ sauce

TURKEY BURGER                                   $8.49

Our succulent turkey burger topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato.


GYRO                                                          $6.49

Grilled lamb/beef gyro slices, tomato, onion and homemade Tzanziki sauce in a warm pita

CHICKEN “PERI PERI”                          $6.49

Chicken Breast in a pitta bread with our special homemade “Peri Peri” spicy sauce and provolone cheese

THE GREAT RUEBEN                             $6.49

Hot corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut Russian dressing on rye bread

TURKEY RUEBEN                                   $6.49

Oven roasted turkey breast, sauerkraut, stone ground mustard on rye bread
DELI CLUB                                                $6.49

Ham, turkey on whole wheat bread with bacon, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes

TURKEY CLUB                                         $6.49

Turkey Breast, Swiss cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce and Dijon mustard

CREAMY CHICKEN SALAD                 $5.99

Our homemade recipe, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes on whole wheat bread

TUNA SALAD                                            $5.99

Tuna salad, lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread

CHICKEN PITA                                        $6.49

Grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and lettuce with homemade Tzantziki sauce in a warm pita

FALAFEL PITA   (Vegetarian)                $6.49

Falafel medallions served inside a pita with hummus and  veggies .

Stalla’s Muffalettas                          Half  $6.99

Smoked Ham salami & provolone cheese or Smoked turkey  & provolone with Stalla’s  homemade olive mix

Stalla’s PHILLY CHEESE STEAK                            $6.99

EGG SALAD                                                           Half  $5.99

CHICKEN WRAP                                                          $6.99

*Add fries an extra $1.99 


SOUP OF THE DAY                CUP:      $2.69

BOWL:  $3.29


Baklava                                                     $3.99
Flaky fillo filled with ground walnuts & cinnamon, topped with homemade honey syrup.

Karidopita ( Preorder )                            $4.49

Greek Nut Cake

Koeksisters  (Preorder)                            $2.99

Traditional South African pastry

Brownies                                                        $2.29

Homemade Cookies                                 $1.59                                                  



COFFEE                                                     $1.59

ICED TEA                                                  $2.20

FOUNTAIN DRINKS                            $2.20

JUICES                                  Individually priced

BOTTLED WATER                                  $1.99           

HOT TEA                                                   $1.99

BOTTLED OR CANNED     Individually priced

GREEK COFFEE                                      $3.50


*Prices subject to change. Accurate prices available at the restaurant.